TYR Polarized Special OPS 2.0


Our favorite all-around goggle!  Made specifically for triathlon and open water swimming, the Polarized Special OPS 2.0 provides clarity, precision, and a 99.9% glare reduction. Made latex-free, and with a durafit, hypoallergenic silicone gasket that bolsters an extremely comfortable fit.


Avoid eye fatigue before hopping onto the bike, and stay comfortable while in the water!


Available in:

Zebra (Black/White Striped) 036702423489

Blue/Green 036702423274

Black 036702423250

Rainbow 036702423298

White 036702423267

Camo 036702423441

Pink 036702425582

Blue/White 036702423281

USA 036702423359

Mexico 036702423410

Germany 036702423403

Australia 036702423366

Brazil 036702496537

Tie-Dye 036702506373

Great Britain 036702423380