Muscle Glide 4-Wheel Roller


 The MuscleGlide 4-Wheel PRO Model has four 76mm wheels and is available with custom colored gel rubber handles to match your team or school colors at no extra charge. The gel rubber handles provide increased comfort and decreased hand strain. Perfect for use by athletic trainers, physical therapists and other healthcare providers or anyone else that will use their MuscleGlide frequently or for extended periods of time.

Available with your choice of unbendable rigid steel axles or semi-flexible composite axles. The rigid steel axle allows deep penetration into the largest & densest muscles on any sized athlete. The semi-flexible composite axle allows deep penetration but is more bendable so is not quite as aggressive as the rigid steel axle. The composite axle will spring back straight after use and will not take a permanent bend like cheaper imitation muscle rollers. Short overall length makes it very maneuverable and perfect for lower body use on anyone or all-over use for slimmer individuals. Lifetime warranty for personal and commercial/professional use. Click on BUY NOW to customize your MuscleGlide 4-Wheel PRO roller.Professional 4-Wheel model is NOT approved for submersion or use in tubs or spas.

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