TYR Womens Hurricane Category 5 Wetsuit

$564.99 $750.00

The brand new Category 2 Hurricane provides immaculate performance and comes with 100% Yamamoto 39 Cell Neoprene.  This suit offers minimal drag with the highest speed and durability. Designed by and for elite triathletes, the Category 5 suite provides unsurpassed buoyancy with elevation panels in the chest, core, obliques, thighs, and buttox


New and improved chest panels elevate the core and bolster optimal body positioning, buoyancy, speed, and comfort.  Core strength is utilized maximally, and your strength is preserved.  All new Alpha Catch Panels allow for maximized catch and release stroke; while a thin insulated layer of neoprene lies underneath to provide a natural feel for the water.


The TYR Hurricane bolsters free range of motion zones, while the HCCNM6A eliminates constriction and provides less strain on the shoulder.  The formfitting wrist cuffs keep cold water out and warm water in. The Hurricane is specifically engineered for triathletes with quick release ankle cuffs that remove easily during T1. 


Decrease drag and improve speed and comfort with the TYR Hurricane Wetsuit!

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