Cannondale Slice 105


The all-new Slice goes beyond the controlled environment of the wind tunnel to give triathletes the best possible performance in the real world.

It balances swift aerodynamics with unreal weight, run-enhancing comfort, Guru data-driven fit and stable, confident handling, all wrapped up in a package that’s easy to set-up, travel with and service.

    • Aero SAVE Micro-Suspension System
      Comfort = speed. The ultra-thin Naero Tech seatstays and AeroPlanechainstays are not only extremely aero, they also deliver unheard of levels of comfort - keeping you fresh for all 112 miles.
    • Ultralight BallisTec Carbon Frames
      The same carbon technology as our award-winning SuperSix EVOs, for frame and fork weights that are in a class of their own. The result is a tri-bike that can out-climb and out-accelerate most regular road bikes.
    • TAP Tubes
      The TAP (Truncated Aero Profile) tube shapes offer the perfect blend of wind-cheating aerodynamics, efficient stiffness and feathery weight, with none of the heavy, harsh-riding compromises of traditional aero tubes. As an added bonus, their small profile reduces the buffeting effect of crosswinds for more stable, confident handling.
    • WindTunnel Pressure-Drag Reduction Tunnel
      A small channel behind the seat tube reduces the pressure drag caused by air packing up between the spinning wheel and the frame, letting the wheel spin more freely at speed. It also enables riders to use tires up to 28c wide for maximum comfort and control.
    • Life-Friendly Design
      Direct mount Shimano brakes, a normal stem/steerer design, straightforward cable routing and vertical rear dropouts all make the Slice easy to pack, easy to build and easy to tune, saving hours of pre-race set-up stress. All new Slices are compatible with both mechanical and Di2 set-ups, and offer in-frame battery placement.

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