Triathlon Wetsuit Rentals 2019

Urban Tri Gear has been servicing wetsuit rentals to the Chicago area and country with our 200+ wetsuits since 2007. To reserve a wetsuit rental for your next triathlon in the 2019 season, call 630-230-9386 for information!

We are on a first come first serve basis now, and are currently booking 2018 wetsuit rentals for this season! We offer Zoot Sports, Blueseventy and TYR Sports long sleeve and sleeveless wet suits for triathlons. Urban Tri Gear has been a proud sponsor of events in the Chicago Land Area providing wetsuit rental programs for events like Leon’s World Fastest Triathlon, Chicago Triathlon, Naperville Woman’s Triathlon, Batavia Triathlon, and Big Shoulders Swim Challenge; and our wetsuits are legal for all USAT Triathlon Events. We have been servicing the country with our 200+ wetsuit stock for over 14 years. Call for faster wetsuit rental service to reserve your suit for your race.

Wet suit rentals are available at our location in Westmont. Come by at any time to be fitted for the best fitting Zoot or TYR Wetsuits on the market.

So, why should you wear a triathlon wetsuit during your next race?

• Triathlon wetsuits can improve swimming speed by 10 percent-- enough to give you a 50 to 100-metre edge over a suitless competitor in a 1500-metre swim.

• By improving buoyancy, wetsuits let swimmers expend less energy to avoid sinking. It will be much easier to stay in a horizontal position near the top of the water column; the most effective swimming position. Therefore, more effort can be expended on direct, forward propulsion.

• Warmth - The neoprene or rubber material traps a layer of water close to the skin which is warmed by your core body temperature, and delays hypothermia in water less than 80 degrees

  • More importantly, your first time wetsuit rental goes to the purchase of an in stock wetsuit, in the same season, making Urban Tri Gear Chicago's largest wetsuit rental fleet and sales. Stop by and get fit into the proper sized wetsuit to achieve maximum results and comfort!

Current Water Conditions in Lake Michigan:


Dive and Waterski Wetsuits are NOT the same as a triathlon wetsuit. These wetsuits lack mobility and are designed to sink, not float and may NOT be legal by USAT standards. Triathlon wetsuits are specifically engineered for open water distance swimming.

Rental Pricing:

Long Sleeve
5 day rental - $55
7 day rental - $65
5 day rental - $65
7 day rental - $75
*****Your first wetsuit rental fee of the season can go towards the purchase of any NEW NON SALE IN STOCK wetsuit within the same season. (Until end of September)!*****